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Get hired with a better entry-level engineering resume

Free guide on how to improve your resume, beat your classmates and get more job offers.

A degree does not guarantee a job after graduation. Understanding the job formula can.

Do you want more and better engineering job offers?

Many recent engineering graduates miss out on great job opportunities because of their average resumes. 


If you want the best job offers, you have to have the best resume.

Don't let the computer gate keeper prevent your resume from ever being seen by human eyes. 

Don't make the common resume mistakes that kill your chance at an interview. 

Don't do the same things all of your classmates are doing. Do things the right way and stand out from the rest. 

Our free guide The Winning Entry-Level Engineering Resume will help make sure your resume is better than the other engineers who will be applying for those same jobs. 

Become a Winner

Having a great resume is the first step to winning the job competition. 

  • Great jobs, in great places with great companies are more competitive than sucky jobs, at bad companies in horrible places. 

  • If you want to do cool engineering work, you need a cool engineering job.

  • You cannot get the most competitive jobs by doing the exact same thing everyone else is doing. 

  • Well-crafted resumes can get past the application tracking system and the human hiring manager. 

  • Winning resumes need to be the right length, have the right keywords, and be presented in the right way. 

  • Where your career starts can make a huge difference on where it ends. Make sure your career starts the right way!


We can help you

The Job Formula is dedicated to helping ambitious entry-level engineers succeed.

As a Professional Engineer myself, I know what you are going through. I struggled putting together my first resume and it turned out awful. No wonder I never got call backs when I applied for jobs. 

Over the years I have reviewed hundreds and hundreds of graduate engineering resumes. I have learned the formula behind what makes an engineering resume succeed, and why other resumes fail. 

What I have learned has helped many engineers, and now it can help you.

-Christopher Perkins, PE

(Founder of Job Formula)



Getting a degree does not mean you will automatically get a job. It takes mastering all the skills to land that first offer.


A university degree does not guarantee you a job.


Knowing the job formula companies use can.


Put what you learn into practice to get hired.


At Job Formula, we know that you want to be a great professional engineer. In order to do that, you need to get hired! The problem is most graduate engineers struggle to get their first job which leaves them feeling defeated.

We believe an engineering degree does not guarantee you a job. Understanding the formula companies use to hire engineers can.


We understand how difficult it can be to get that very first engineering job. That is why Job Formula is dedicated to sharing the unwritten rules behind getting hired.


Here is how we do it:

  • We teach you the real way engineers get their first job.

  • We help you create and execute everything you will need to get hired.

  • You confidently crush the job market and get the engineering job you want.

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The Winning Entry-Level Engineering Resume

How to Beat the Competition and Get More Job Offers

  • Learn the secrets of getting past the automated screening tools to get your resume in front of human eyes.

  • See what it takes to make your resume look and sound professional.

  • Avoid all of the common mistakes that will trip of your engineering classmates.

  • Get the *Engineering Resume Checklist* to help you brainstorm everything you will need on your resume.

  • Learn how to make your resume match the exactly what the the company is looking for.

  • Bonus tips to make your online applications more successful.

  • Become an engineering winner!

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